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“Wag more. Bark less”

April 22, 2012
  • “There are exactly as many special occasions in life as we choose to celebrate”-Robert Brault
  • “From the backstabbing co-worker to the meddling sister-in-law, you are in charge of how you react to the people and events in your life. You can either give negativity power over your life or you can choose happiness instead. Take control and choose to focus on what is important in your life. Those who cannot live fully often become destroyers of life.”-Anais Nin

Good afternoon SQers! I know it has been quite a while since I have written and I have just been so incredibly busy I apologize. I hope you all have been well. Like I told you a while ago, I have not fully given up on writing for this blog and I will be back to write periodically. Recently, this theme has become something I have noticed quite a bit in my life so much so that I thought it might be post-worthy.

Everyone has bad days. That is a universally accepted truth. Some of us have ruts that last months, years and for others it can be as  short as a couple of minutes or hours. Doesn’t seem fair does it? No way it is. You have zero control over what happens to you, but you can control your reaction. As most of my friends can attest to, I am just about sarcastic and cynical as they come. There will probably never be a day you see me radiate sunshine and positivity from the deepest depths of my soul. The amount I sleep during the week is terrible. The things that have happened to me over the past couple years are enough of a reason for me to consider wearing black constantly and being angry at everyone. Yet that’s not the way I am.  Sure sometimes when I find myself super stressed I may complain a little too much to my friends and family (which I am so sorry about–if they are reading this), but looking back on things I wouldn’t say that I hate and regret everything.

I know some people (as I am sure you all do) who spend their lives complaining. It makes them feel better to vocalize their problems, concerns and issues to everyone. These are also often the same individuals who take joy in finding fault with everything and everyone. The worst part is when you listen to what they are complaining about you ask yourself..”Really? Is it really that big of a deal?” The other question I always ask myself with those types of people is: Isn’t it exhausting being that way? You would think at some point they would become exhausted of riding on everyone and bringing down the mood everywhere they go. Don’t get me wrong I complain, but life is too short to hold grudges, to constantly be bitter and pride yourself on bringing everyone else down. Constantly doing so makes you terrible to be around and takes a toll on you as a person. Slowly but surely you are going to end up alienating everyone that matters to you because no one wants or needs someone like that in their life. 

I am not trying to say you need to walk around like the happiest person in the world.  Instead choose to actively spend your life searching for the positivity. Even when everything seems like it is going wrong, take the time to laugh and smile. Who cares whether it is Comedy Central-worthy or if you just watched a video of a koala bear clinging to someone’s leg. When things really truly get difficult, you will long for those days when things were easier . Choose to celebrate and be more positive. It makes you a better person in the long run. 

That’s all for now.  Have a great week!

See you next Sunday,

❤ SQ

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  1. April 24, 2012 12:19 am

    As always… you help put some perspective on my “drama”! I was just about to write a silly little venting blog post about how “hard” my life is… oh brother…
    I want me to stop whining too! Life is grand… I have a few hurdles just like everyone else…

    “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.” – Anais Nin (one of my favorite quotes)

    I need to start seeing things a little differently and life has the potential to be pretty rosy!

    Its good to see a post from you! 😀 Don’t be a stranger!

    • April 24, 2012 7:56 pm

      Aww well thanks girl. Good to hear from you as always!
      I am sure you don’t complain all that much..we all need to vent sometimes. Love your Anais Nin quote too 🙂
      I have just been so crazy busy with school and all of that but I will try to post a little more.

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