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I’m awesome

December 12, 2010
  • Title Inspiring Song: “I’m Awesome”-Spose…song is a little ridiculous, but a good laugh if you’re open to it
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“A conviction of self-worth and passions for ideals fuse in a life attitude that is positive, free, noble and spiritually enhancing.”-Bill Jay

Good afternoon SQers! Hope you have all had a wonderful week. If not just get excited by the fact that for most of us, we are one week closer to some time off or a little bit of a break. As promised, I am bringing back the 2nd Sunday of the Month posts so keep sending me ideas.

This week’s post is actually inspired by an idea from someone else’ s blog.  She puts forth a 21-day challenge.  The goal is to give yourself a compliment every day for 21 days. The compliment can be either visual or about more intrinsic. In times of stress and just general fatigue from the rigors of life we sometime forget how awesome we are. Deep down we know it, but everyone could do with some reminding every now and then. For this week I am challenging you to the  21-day self-worth challenge (and to be fair I will be doing it too). Just write one thing down every day even if it to you is something extremely insignificant and even if it is just a little scribble…it counts. I will try to remember to update and put mine back in this post so you can monitor my progress and hold me accountable. If you are open to it,  comment and share your 21 with me because I would love to hear them.

My 21-day Challenge

1. I am an extremely caring person

2. I have an eclectic taste and an appreciation for many things

3. I like to constantly challenge myself.

4. I have unusually long piano-like fingers, but whatever I like them anyway

5. Along with the theme of unusual things, I am unusually tall, but I find that most times it’s a plus

6.  I would say I am a hard worker

7. I like to try to experience new things.

8.  I love my double jointed pinky

9.  I’m glad that I try to stay in shape even though that doesn’t mean eating salads everyday

10.  My dentist thinks I have beautiful teeth. I agree & a nice smile

11. Staying on the teeth theme, I love having a sweet tooth. Sugary things are the best!

12.  I like that I seem to have a knack for gift-giving even though it might take me forever to make up my mind.

13. Despite grudges I may have, I like that I try to be a good friend/nice person to everyone in my life.

14.  I love my health and that aside from being sick occasionally for the most part I am healthy.

15. Despite how awkward/weird my life makes for memorable stories

16. I love my resilient immune system

17.  I like the fact that I am independent and don’t need to always rely on someone else.

18. I’m glad that I have some common sense

19. I’m a pretty patient person

20. I know my limits/boundaries most of the time

21. I am a pretty awesome storyteller


I encourage you all to check out the original post and read Dani’s “Verypersonaltraining Blog”: Definitely a great read with insightful posts.  To all of my college friends and anyone feeling the stress of the end of the year/semester/what have you…I have another quote for you.

“Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it. The victorious performance itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character.” ~T. Alan Armstrong

And with that, I believe that’s all I have for you this week. Have a fantastic week and kick butt at everything you do 🙂

See you next Sunday,

❤ SQ

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